Kamata area

  • IKEGAMI Honmonji Temple

    IKEGAMI Honmonji Temple Nichiren Shonin founded Honmonji Temple (one of the official designation [Sango], is Choei-zan or “ever-flourishing mountain”) just before his death in October of 1282 at the request of Ikegami Munenaka, a wealthy feudal lord and faithful follower.

  • Ikegami BAIEN

    The quiet garden next to [ IKEGAMI Honmonji Temple ] west. The best time to see the 370 trees of white and red plum flowers, is from February to the beginning of March. Especially the hill slope of the passage side is a brilliant view. Furthermore, every year the exhibition of "chrysanthemum" is held in November and "azalea" is held in May.


    New station building which is arranged convenient near the station. You can find many variety of stores of food and clothing from 7th floor to the basement.

  • U city Kamata

    Just about 5 minute walk from Kamata Station. Natural black hot spring pumped up from 120m below ground is popular. Also try the electric bath where fine current stimulates the skin. It is recommended for relieving the tiredness of the trip.

  • Tokyo Engineering University

    Private university where faculty of science & engineering course system and a department system of liberal arts is installed.

  • Ota-ku synthesis gymnasium

    The indoor sport institution which Ota-ku owns. Various conventions and classes are performed. The appearace of the gymnasium has great impact.

  • Industrial Plaza PIO

    Institution made for the purpose of activation for sightseeing and industry of Ota-ku.

Ota ward people's hall APRICO

    Institution currently installed as a base of local culture creation as a place which is familiar with culture and art activities.

Ohmori area

  •  Shinagawa Aquarium

    Shinagawa Aquarium There are 450 species 10,000 types of sea and river creatures in Shinagawa Aquarium. Their Dolphin & Sea Lionshow is a must-see. Moreover, new exhibition areas (such as sealion area and jellyfish world) are produced one after another, so you can enjoy the aquarium no matter how many times you visit.


    Amusement park located next to boat-race Heiwajima. Facilities include natural hot spring, karaoke, bowling alley, and movie theater. Convenient also for little free time, since there is a 100-yen flat-rate bus from Omori Station.

  • Oi Race Course

    South Kanto classic Triple Crown race, monarch prize race and the University of Tokyo prize, and may other big races are performed at this course. This site is recommended for dates and leisure, you can enjoy your day fully all day long.

  • Ohmori sports center

    It is equipped fully with a stadium (arena), a training room, a health gymnastics room, a small hall, and a meeting room. You can use for meetings, recreation, etc. as well as various sporting events.

  • Tokyo Distribution Center

    Distribution center in Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo.

  • Ota market

    Public establishment wholesale market which Tokyo Metropolitan Government manages.