The question which often exists

We answer about contents with many inquiries.
Please ask directly each hotel about the contents which are not published below.

About reservation

I would like to reserve a non-smoking room.
Each store will prepare in the order of a proposal. From a travel agency, the Internet, etc., even when reserved, please tell by telephone.

I would like to stay together with a child.
When bed sharing with children below a schoolchild, such as infants' child, is wished, in the case of linen addition needlessness, such as a towel, even the one person is no charge.
When children are 2 persons, I will apply the same amount with one adult. moreover, a baby -- there are no business minds, such as a cot and an extra bed.
From when does a cancellation fee occur?
We generate from the previous day. The cancellation fee regulation is as follows.

・Day before arrival: 20% of the hotel fee
・Day of arrival: 80% of the hotel fee
・No-show without notice: 100% of the hotel fee
Is day use made?
It may be able to accept in a vacant room situation on the day.
Although he would like to check in at midnight, is there any ? lockup?
Since there are no lockups, if a connection receive can be carried out, I will wait even till when.
Can time of check-out be made late? I would like to extend stay time.
extension -- 1,100 yen per room per hour -- a maximum of -- it hears to 14:00. It becomes an overnight-stay charge after 14:00.

About equipment/rental article of the room

I would like to access the Internet.
Please use free wireless LAN.
(When a visitor does not come out with splicing terminals, such as a notebook PC, there is also business mind of the rental personal computer for a loan for pay).
Is there any refrigerator?
There is a refrigerator for carrying in.
Does the toilet bowl warm water flush system stick?
It is equipped fully with the whole building.
Is there any stand which can place a load?
since preparation of a foldaway baggage rack (simple type load stand to place personal belongings) may be possible, please ask to a front.
What kind of equipment and fixtures are there?
They are an air-conditioner, television, Buss, a toilet, a shower, a trouser press, a bed, a writing disk with a mirror, a chair, the night table , a refrigerator, an electric pot, a wash-toilet system, a drier, slippers & my slippers, a cup & saucer, a tumbler, a full-length mirror, shoes Bella, etc.
As amenity, moreover, a shampoo, a conditioner, body soap, I am preparing a bath towel, a face towel, shaving gell, an aftershave lotion, a toothbrush, a razor, a hairbrush, a wash towel, a hot drink set (coffee, tea, green tea, sugar, milk powder), etc.
* The item is distributing the part in the front.
What is rental personal computer service?
It is a notebook PC for a loan which the lobby of each store can use aside from the personal computer of installation in the room.
The visitor of stay can be used for 1,000 yen (including tax) per night.Since a word, Excel, etc. of Microsoft Corp. are installed as standard, please utilize for work, the Internet, etc. Since the data saved at the hard disk of the personal computer is set up so that it may return to the state of a loan by rebooting, since a visitor's peculiar information is eliminated, its security is also safe. Moreover, file data to save can also be saved on a visitor's USB memory, SD card, etc.
Please tell to the front of a use day on the day in the case of use and hope (identification cards of public institution issue, such as a driver's license, are needed).
What is a rental DVD player?
It is a DVD player for a loan for which you can use each store in the room.
The visitor of stay can be used for 300 yen (including tax) per night.
In addition, please keep in mind that it carries out reproduction security about no DVDs. Moreover, there is no rental service of DVD software.
Please tell to the front of a use day on the day in the case of use and hope.

About equipment/service of a hotel

Is there any restaurant?
There is a restaurant space for breakfast.
There is no offer of lunch, supper, etc.
Is there any laundromat?
Each store has installation of a laundromat and a drier in an institution.

wash ... 150 yen per time (with detergent)
Although detergent is thrown in automatically, when prepared of a visitor, it can be washed for 100 yen per time.
Drier ... 100 yen 18-minute
Wash ... 200 yen per time (with detergent)
Since detergent is thrown in automatically, you can use the detergent of visitor preparation.
Drier ... 100 yen 20-minute
Is there any service of cleaning?
I have also heard laundries, such as Y shirt and a blouse, by finish on the day.
Please do not hesitate to ask about a laundry business day.
In addition, each store has a laundry corner.
Is there any room service?
There is no offer of room service.


Can a credit card be used?
You can use.
The main handling credit cards are VISA CARD and MASTER CARD.