The URVEST HOTEL site (as a general term of the contents in a domain, it calls the following "this site".) respected the visitor's privacy, and it is recognized as protection of the personal information being very important. The personal information which this site defines is peculiar information showing the attribute of the visitor it receives [ visitor / make / it / have you ] by the reservation, the inquiry, etc. at the time of a visitor using this site, It is descriptive contents, such as a name, an address, a mail address, etc. contained in the attribute, and the information which can specify an individual according to the contents is said.

  • When offer of personal information is received from a visitor, it is kept under a severe management system so that unjust access, an alteration, destruction, loss, disclosure, etc. may not occur, and strive for reservation of safety.Moreover, strive for a visitor's personal information to maintain at the exact and newest information.
  • When the request of the check of the contents about the personal information on an own one, correction, or deletion is received from a visitor, or when the stop of various kinds of information dissemination is expected of a visitor, after conducting required investigation promptly, I do as responding to this.
  • This site uses a visitor's personal information in order to provide the convenient and more nearly optimal service by a visitor.Moreover, it may be used in order to check an item required timely.
  • On the related organization of this site, or business, when required, it may cooperate with an associate organization and further service may be offered, but it forbids using information except the purpose same even in such a case as handling of the personal information on this site, and require management of information comparable as the control level of our company.
  • The personal information can use only this site and never transfers it to a third party.However, offer of the total processed into the form which an individual cannot specify may be performed.
  • Don't provide with personal information the independent organization which does not tie up with this site except for the case where there are legal binding force and legal force.